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Also Skyhorse Publishing, 2015.

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In German by Joachim K Körber. Edition Phantasia, 2007.

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Also Ripol Publishing (Russian), 2015.

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Insults Every Man Should Know. Quirk Books, 2011.

Starve Better: Surviving the Endless Horror of the Writing Life. Apex Publications, 2011.

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Publications (Peer-Reviewed):

Co-editor and translator with Kap Su Seol. Kwangju Diary: Beyond Death, Beyond The Darkness Of The Age. Los Angeles: UCLA Asian Pacific Monograph Series, 1999.

Publications (Comic/Graphic Scripts):

"One Billion Bodies" — short comic in Flesh For The Beast,
ed. Frank Pamplone, Media Blasters, October 2004.

"Frank Miller’s GENERIC!" — short comic in Pablo's Comics Extravaganza VII, August 2002.       
Also published as Frank Miller's Gen Eric, Squid Works mini-comic, 2005.

Publications (Poetry):

Cthulhu Senryu (chapbook). Wildside Press, 2006.